Does Mazda Require Synthetic Oil?

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Is synthetic oil good for Mazda? Read on to find out whether you should use synthetic oil on Mazda engines.

Let’s answer the question.

The oil your Mazda engine requires is based on the oil blend capacity that will keep the Mazda engine in maximum healthy condition.

Why Does Your Engine Needs Oil?

Mazda Interior
Mazda Interior

Oil is an important fluid that keeps the engine cool and lubricates it, which helps the engine to maintain high performance. 

Therefore, to keep the engine at high performance, you need to know exactly when to change your engine oil.

Changing your Mazda engine oil within the manufacturer’s recommended interval will go a long way to boost the lifetime value of your car while keeping your engine healthy.

Although most people know they should change their car engine oil often, they often ignore this advice which leads to their car breaking down frequently and deteriorating faster than normal.

This article will be focused on whether you should use synthetics oil or conventional oil in your Mazda car engine.

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Synthetics vs Conventional Oils (Which one is better)

Conventional and synthetics oil have similar functions, but they have different mileage ranges.

The model of your Mazda determines the types of oil you should use and how often you should change your oil.

Usually, the owner’s manual will tell you if you need synthetic, conventional, or semi-synthetic oil. Once you change your oil, the mechanic will usually put a sticker on your window to let you know when your next oil change will be.

With synthetic oil, you can go from 5,000 to 10,000 miles before you have to change it.

Conventional oil usually lasts about 3,000, and semi-synthetic oil can be expected to last 5,000 miles.

The components of the oil are what usually determine how many miles it can last before it needs changing. Usually, synthetic oil is thicker, lubricates better, and lasts longer than high-mileage oil or conventional basic oil.

Although I have to note that high-mileage full synthetic oil is also as good as full synthetic oil. The high-mileage synthetic is usually used on cars that need synthetic oil but have over 75,000 miles.

How often should you change your Mazda oil?

Typically, you should be changing your engine oil every 3,000 to 10,000 miles depending on the type of oil you used.

But there are driving conditions that require you to change your engine earlier than the recommended mileage.

These conditions include:

  • Extreme heat
  • Dusty condition
  • Excessive idling
  • Extreme cold

Why You Should Choose Synthetic Over Conventional Oil

Synthetic and conventional oil perform almost the same function as an engine. Though, one oil has more capacity to keep the engine more healthy than the other. 

The breaking down of the molecules during the oil production determines which one lubricates the engine more at high mileage.

Synthetic engine oil has the capacity to withstand higher mileage than conventional oil. The quality of the synthetic is higher than the quality of the conventional oil.

The composition of the synthetic oil is higher grade compared to the composition of the conventional oil.

Synthetic oil keeps its quality when you drive for a long distance without stopping compared to conventional oil.

Synthetic oil gives you more time before you change the oil than conventional oil. Though this comparison comes in when your Mazda engine can use any of the two oils. 

The synthetic motor oil covers and protects the engines across a wider range. Most of the faults that are associated with a lack of engine oil: are the breakdown of the engine, and contamination issues.

The synthetic motor oil has the capacity to keep the engine in good condition when the mileage reading shows the oil is due for changes.

Therefore, if your motor uses either synthetic or conventional oil, then it’s advisable to use synthetic engine oil.

Synthetic motor oil has a longer maintenance time than any other oil on the market. It’s in your best interest if you chose synthetic oil.

How Does Synthetic And Conventional Oils Produce

Conventional and synthetic oils have almost the same method of production. Both oils are pulled from the ground.

At the refinery, the two raw materials take different processes to refine. The synthetic oil undergoes severe heat of refining that breaks the molecule down into simpler form. 

Synthetic oil has to be distilled into complex processes that allow larger convergence, which makes the lubrication take place in a very simple way.

Even though the conventional undergoes this process of refining, the process is not as complex compared to synthetic oil.

After the synthetic oil has been refined through the rigorous process to ensure it keeps the engine at the maximum stage, other chemicals are added, to help boost its advantages over the conventional motor oil.

Conventional motor oil can also be derived from petroleum in an organic form, while synthetic motor oil is derived from the blend oils that are man-made, which are combinations of petroleum and the addition of additives.

The addition of some other components improves the performance of the oil when it’s fully produced.

From the method of production of both oils, synthetic motor oils have more inherent advantages over conventional motor oils. 

The complex process of producing synthetic motor oils makes it more expensive than conventional motor oils. 

Though, conventional motor oil is best for those drivers who are operating on a tight budget. Conventional motor oil will help you bring your budget to maximum use.

How Long Can A Mazda Go Between Oil Changes?

There are specific factors you need to watch out for before you change your Mazda engine oil to either synthetic or conventional oil.

The owner’s manual has the recommended oil change interval. If you keep to these recommendations from the manufacturers, your Mazda engine will definitely last longer than you may be expecting.

For most models of Mazda, the period to change oil is based on the mileage. Sometimes, you need to change the oil at least once a year. 

But under the severe drive on the off-road, you don’t have to follow the mileage reading nor the once in a year.

Under severe drives, the engine is actually labor compared to when you drive it normally. Some modes of Mazda require you to change the oil after 10,000 miles while others are 7,500 miles.

Change the engine oil when the mileage is 7,500 for the one that’s recommended to change under 10,000 miles when you drive under severe conditions.

For the one that the manufacturer recommended 7,500 miles, you’re required to change the oil when the mileage is 5,000. 

Knowing when to change your engine oil and keep to it will help you protect your vehicle from being damaged. 

You’re to change the engine oil every 4 – 6 months when you drive under severe conditions continuously.

To keep your engine in a constant healthy condition, you need to avoid excessive idling or low-speed driving of your vehicle. 

Also, continuous driving in the dusty area will also require you to change the oil as often as possible to maintain a standard good condition of the engine.

Should I Perform An Oil Change By Myself?

Depend on the model of Mazda you have. If you drive the older modern Mazda you can perform the function by yourself. 

The older modern Mazda that’s not complicated as the newer model therefore you may carry out engine oil changes by yourself.

The newer modern has many panels you need to remove before you can change the engine oil.

Take the newer modern Mazda to the mechanical to help you change the oil because you don’t have the required tools to remove the panel.

What Does The Red Oil Light Mean?

The red oil light on the dashboard is not a friendly light you play with whenever you see such on your vehicle’s dashboard.

It’s an indicator of a serious problem. So, once that happens, locate any nearby mechanical shop to help you fix the fault.

Most times, don’t allow your vehicle to get to the point of showing red light before you change the oil engine.

Therefore, keep your eyes on the dashboard to ensure you read the mileage, which is set as a guideline to prevent your engine vehicle from being destroyed.

FAQ Section


Mazda requires synthetic motor oil to keep the engine alive and safe from the weather elements.

The most important aspect of synthetic oil, you can drive for a long distance without any change and the engine will still be in good condition. 

Synthetic engine oils are the most powerful lubrication oil that keeps your engine at a high performance at all times.

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