Do You Need a Scope for Hog Hunting?

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Hog hunting is a new trend among hunters that requires adequate expertise and patience. Whether you want to get rid of hogs that ruin your crops or crave some delicious meat, hunting would be a great way to go. But hunting animals, especially wild hogs, is very challenging without a proper scope. 

This is because hogs are one such creature that is extremely mobile and can hide in and out. For that, it will be difficult for you to target any hog through your rifle. In that case, using a scope will help to consider the unique behavioral characteristics of the feral animal. In addition, a perfect scope will allow you to efficiently shoot or hunt, which is essential for a good hog hunting expedition.

Do You Need a Scope for Hog Hunting?

Hog Hunting Scope
Hog Hunting Scope

Hunting hogs is a little different from hunting other wild animals. The main reason behind this is that hogs are mostly active at night to forage food. Besides, hogs are a creature that is highly mobile and can hide quickly anywhere and anytime. For that, hunting these mobile animal-like hogs will give a good dose of pain and stress to the hunter. 

In that case, using a hog hunting scope will be an excellent way to shoot these types of wild animals. This is because a scope is an ideal tool to gather light even at night. This way you will get a clear visual of your target. Typically, a scope has a reticle with a directed focus that also may come with thermal or infrared integration. 

As a result, a scope helps get efficient light transmission even after dusk or pre-dawn for better visuals. In addition, a simple reticle system that aids in marking at close range is required in hog hunting. You will also benefit from elevation and windage adjustment to alleviate parallax hunting.

Different Types of Hog Hunting Scope

Hog Hunting Scope
Hog Hunting Scope

You will find several types of hunting scopes on the market. Remember that not all scopes are suitable for hog hunting. For your convenience, below, we have demonstrated some best scopes that will make your hog hunting experience easier. 

Night Vision Scope

Night Vision Scope is the ultimate tool for hunters when shooting in the dark. This scope employs an image intensifier tube to intensify the photons of light to provide clear vision even in the dark. Hunters who wish to hunt wild animals, especially hogs at night, quickly identify targeted animals out to several hundred yards. 

Tactical Scope

Tactical scopes also known as tac scopes feature a low magnification range that helps extend the shooter’s regular vision. Typically, this type of scope is designed for using a specific type of shooting. Tactical scopes often use 4X magnification with a simple reticle that helps to set the target closer to the medium range.  

Long Range Scope

Long-range scopes have different subcategory scopes. Your hunting experience will be easier using this scope. In this type of score, you will find the perfect reticle system, wide height adjustment range, reliable structural integrity, and upgrades in optical quality. With this scope, you can target any hog at the longest distance.

Scout Scope

Scout scopes offer magnification for long-range shooting. This type of scope enables shooters to spot targets more efficiently. Besides, the Scout scope provides hunters with a better vision in low light conditions.  It also has an illustrated reticle that enables you to see any target, even with ambient lighting available.

What Magnification Do You Need for Hog Hunting?

In hog hunting, you will need the correct magnification of your scope; otherwise, you will not be able to target animals perfectly. Before determining the correct magnification, you have to understand the nature of wild hog hunting. Most hunters target hogs from 10 yards to 150 yards. 

While it is quite rare to hunt a hog beyond 100 yards, you will also find some shots that are taken from 200 yards. So, a scope with the correct magnification is essential when hunting wild hogs. Besides, you have to apply your visual acuity and hunting skills. Because a skilled hunter with eyesight will not need a scope to target a hog at 20 yards. 

On the other hand, a newbie hunter with poor eyesight may need a 4x scope to make the same shot. However, a deer hunting 3-9x scope will be good enough to hunt hogs. But if you need a good magnification range for hog hunting, a 1x to 4x scope will be a good choice. This type of scope is widely used in hog hunting scenarios. 

How to Choose the Right Scope for Hog Hunting?

Hog Hunting Scope
Hog Hunting Scope

Using the right scope will make a good impact on hog hunting. For that, you have to choose the best hog hunting scope by considering several factors. Some significant factors for choosing the right scope are illustrated below.

All-Around Performance

It is the essential thing of a good hog hunting scope. Make sure your chosen scope is able to provide an excellent view of hogs in any light condition. As we said earlier, wild hogs are most active at night; you will require a scope that performs well in low light conditions. So, it is good to have a scope that works well both night and day. 

Quality of the Optics 

Optics quality controls the performance of the scope in dark light conditions.  Typically, a scope with a large objective lens will allow see animals from the tube. As a result, you will see the bright image in the scope, enabling you to see the animal from a distance. Besides, a special coating on the lens can also enhance overall light transmission.

Reticle Type

Some people think a reticle may not be so essential when hunting feral hogs. Basically, it plays a crucial role in target re-acquiring. As wild hogs move very fast, you will get many elevations and windage markings with a reticle. This will help you to target the hog easily. Because a simple Duplex crosshair or red dot is often significant to hog hunting.

Scope Power

You can choose a fixed scope or one with a variable option. If you determine that your target will not go beyond 50 yards, then you have excellent eyesight. However, a scope with variable power will be suitable for hunting of an unpredictable nature. This way, you will get a good blend of accuracy and speed to shoot 

Night Vision Capabilities

Feral hogs prefer to hide in low-light conditions. For that, you will require a device that helps you to identify the thermal or infrared object. Technology comes with inventions like night vision devices to get rid of this problem. So, choosing a scope with night vision will enable you to shoot hogs easily, even in the dark.


Using a scope with your rifle will be a good way to get a clear visual of wild animals even in the dark. This will help you shoot any hog properly, although they are one of the most mobile animals. However, most people still wonder whether they need a scope for hog hunting

For that, through this context, we have provided a complete overview of scope and hog hunting. We hope, after reading this, you might have understood whether you require a scope. Besides, if you think about choosing a scope, especially for hunting hogs, check out the above section that will help you find the right one.   

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